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The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades but still, players question how secure their in-game assets are, and do they really own these assets? That’s where blockchain comes in which benefits both the developers and the players in-sense of security and ownership. Its decentralized system prevents data from gathering in place which makes it complex to hack and that way the in-game assets are secure with their rightful owners. Keeping this in mind DoYourTip along with Xord has introduced a new game on the Ethereum blockchain network called “Tipply Tank”. DoYouTip has a passion to make crypto as accessible as possible to the world. It utilizes its own ERC20 token i.e $DYT in the game which contains a 2% burn rate and they distribute about 2500 $DYT to the community in the form of bonuses and other rewards in a week.

What is Tipply Tank?

Tipply is an ERC1155 NFT presented as a digital pet in the form of fish that you have to take care of from an egg till it grows up. You control its upbringing by feeding, dressing, and much more by keeping it in your own tank. The Tipply can be traded on the Enjin Market place as these are Enjin Tradable NFT’s. Each Tipply is one of its own kind and has its own worth in the market. This worth is defined by their age, the level they are currently on, and what kind they belong to. These kinds include:

  1. Standard
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. GodLike
  5. Legendary
  6. Extraordinary

Play Protocol

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Firstly, connect your MetaMask wallet to the in-game wallet of Tipply Tank. Now register yourself in the database of Tipply Tank. Set a username and email to create your unique I.D. Furthermore, set a pin code for your account. You are now ready to play.

Buy the Tipply Egg and Hatch it

To buy in-game assets you need tokens. You buy $DYT/ ETH/ ENJ for the in-game wallet named “TT Balance” through your connected wallet. Buy a Tipply egg using $DYT, ETH, or ENJ from the in-game marketplace. You hatch it and name it whatever you like. Now the Tipply is totally unique so you don’t know what kind of Tipply will come out of the egg until you hatch it. This Tipply will have an Age, Level, and Energy Bar.

Increase Energy and Level via Food

The Energy Bar represents when you need to feed your Tipply again. Now the time varies by the Tipply’s kind, the more unique Tipply the more food it needs. Now you own the Tipply and must feed it for its growth. How do you feed it? Well, the in-game market has different foods that you could buy and feed the Tipply. Now the challenge is if you are able to maintain Tipply’s energy up-to 70% or above till UTC 12:00, your Level increases.

Prize Pools & Rewards

Once you reach Level 100, you get a reward from the Prize Pool. The Prize Pool is, whenever someone buys something from the in-game marketplace such as a Tipply egg, the food, or other particulars, 90% of the revenue is gone in the Prize Pool. All players around the world contribute to this amount. Reach Level 100, and win 0.5% of the Prize Pool. This is not a fixed percentage as it will change from time to time as players increase. At this time DoYourTip will be adding 100K DYT in the Prize Pool by themselves, which converts to 53,000 USD to this day.

Trade on Enjin

Satisfied with your Tipply’s growth or just in need to trade with some other token? Just choose the option “Mint” and Get your Tipply on the Enjin Wallet for trade. Tipply serves as an ERC 1155 token on the trade market and its price is defined by its Age, Level, and Kind.

Tipply Tank Current Standings

Experts have tested the game on testnet (Kovan) and on 31 January 2021 marked its footsteps in the market. A total of 1524 eggs have been sold out of which 1514 eggs have been hatched. Furthermore, these hatched eggs spread by 0 being dead and 1 minted to the marketplace. The Prize Pool has till now got a balance of 107,695 DYT and is increasing rapidly. Get your Tipply now at https://tipplytank.com/fishtank

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