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Supply chain, Public Blockchain, Traceability

Anoubis Limited:

Anoubis Limited is a Finland-based clothing brand. The foundation of which is formed by fusing uniquely designed clothes with technology. The purpose of this integration is to keep its distinctly designed products from piracy. Apart from this, what makes Anoubis more special is the quality they deliver in terms of fabric and craftsmanship. This also enables them to offer a five years warranty. In addition to the comfortability and durability of the products, they use raw material and have adopted the manufacturing processes which are eco-friendly. They ensure the sustainability of the environment through the use of organic cotton and the avoidance of hazardous chemicals during manufacturing.

Standing Out From The Crowd:

The key element which distinguishes Anoubis Limited from other brands is their Protection Technology System. A protection system was required to ensure the authenticity of their high-grade products and to keep their patterns from getting duplicated.

Their idea was to build a system that can verify the authenticity of a product for its owner. It was to ensure the customers that the product delivered to them is original. Furthermore, they needed to store all the information about each product along with ownership history and current owner details in one place.

After acknowledging these requirements, Xord proposed a Blockchain-based solution. We created a protection system for them to maintain authenticity of their products and to secure the details in one place.

Actualizing The Idea:

To bring this idea to life, our team at Xord developed a private Blockchain network. By utilizing Hyperledger Fabric we developed an authentication system that uses QR code as an identifier.

Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade Blockchain platform that allows organizations to build their private networks. The networks formed are permissioned networks which means that the participants are not anonymous. Read more about Hyperledger Fabric and other private Blockchain platforms.

For that reason, each of their products has a QR code tag attached to it which can be scanned. The smart authentication system enables customers to:

  • Identify and verify the product by scanning the QR code
  • Register the product by their name
  • See the complete information of the product
  • Get to know about the ownership history of the product
  • Change the ownership of their product if they want

Therefore, our team at Xord made it possible to store all of this information regarding products and their owners in a private Blockchain which can be retrieved at any time.

How It Our Works

Since all the data is stored in one place, customers can easily access the information they want. This can be done through a DECENTRALIZED APPlication called Verification App.


After scanning the QR code attached to the product, the customer is led to this application which works as follows:

  1. The first step is ID generation where customers create their ID by filling the required information and setting a four-digit pin.
  2. After signing in, a picture of the product appears which is marked as “Authenticated” along with its information.
  3. The customers can view the detailed information of the product in the “Product Details” section.
  4. Customers can get information about the previous and current owner of the product in the “Owner Details” section.
  5. If the owner wants to change the ownership of his product, he can simply go to the “Change Owner” section which then requires him to enter his pin again for confirmation.
  6. Once confirmed, a new ID will have to be generated for the new owner.
  7. The “Contact Us” button would lead the customers to the website so that they can get connected with Anoubis Limited for any queries.

The Backstage View:

The owners of Anoubis Limited use an admin panel to keep a track of products and their customers. Here:

1. The products are sorted by Collection.


2. The admin can create a new product category by filling in the details about the products and generating a QR code for each unit.

3. Admin can edit the details of any product and can enable or disable the QR code as well.

Current Standings:

Earlier this year, Anoubis Limited launched this project on Kickstarter. The goal is to raise €10,000 in a funding period of 30 days. So far, 59 backers have supported this project.

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